Positive Vibes

Sometimes I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, figuratively of course. But none the less, I’m put in a mood thatΒ is less then cheery. I can joke and laugh but then I’m still feeling moody. Today, for example, I’m just feeling kind of “meh” and it’s annoying me. I can’t snap out of it.

I’ve been having difficulty sleeping for a while now, but that’s also normal for me. I’ve simply come to terms that I’m just a bad sleeper. I also have an annoying contact lens and my glasses are at home. I’m also feeling hangry (hungry+angry). And my hair has been bugging me this week, almost to the point where I contemplated cutting some of it off. But I’m not. I know I’ll regret it. Like I always do. But you know what I mean about the hair, right? Ugh. Some days…

So can you tell I’m in an irritated mood?

A few things I might try to help myself feel better includes a) eat something, b) put on fun lipstick (currently wearing a fun coral pink now), c) list a few things that make me happy. I need positive vibes.

So let’s do it.

1) My husband. That’s a given though. But this week he’s been especially awesome. The other day he surprised me with a brand new backpacking pack. I’m so excited to use it and can’t wait to go on a trip. Even just thinking about it now makes me so happy.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 10.53.52 AM

That there is my new backpack. It’s a Gregory Deva 70, the 2015 model. I took a screen shot of it from the Gregory website because the picture I have makes it look sad since it’s empty. Haha.

And that is my handsome hubby all dressed up for his sister’s wedding. and of course me in my bridesmaid dress ;-) I loved getting my hair done that day. And we couldn’t help but sneak a few kisses during the wedding. Haha. We’re no longer the new newlywed’s in the family.

2) The beach. We spent two days at the beach this past weekend and it was marvelous. So relaxing. We also got some awesome tans.

This picture was last October but the scene was the same, even the bikini.

3) Guilty pleasure music.

This weeks (or month’s) playlist includes Nick Jonas, Bruno Mars, and Katy Perry.

4) Family. Tonight we’re celebrating my oldest brother’s birthday and also we’ll be missing one sibling, I’m looking forward to quality time with my family.

I love them.

5) Milo. Pets really know when you’re emotional or something. They just get it. He’s been attentive to me today and I totally appreciate his puppy dog eyes and they way they look at me.

photo 1
How cute is he?

6) Bonus…

you guys!

I was nervous about my blog post last week, my #DearMe post. But some of you wrote me private messages and left sweet comments that made me feel so good. I love you guys.

And now I feel better. Seeee how that works?

If you’re ever feeling blah, try writing down a few things that make you happy!


xo, Briana

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In honor of International Women’s Day (March 8), YouTube launched a campaign called “#DearMe” where all women and girls, or anyone really, were invited to share open letters that they would write to their younger selves. And it could be on anything, from body image to love to self-confidence, etc.

I read a few letters and watched a few videos myself. And I suppose I’ll go ahead and share my own #DearMe letter, going back to my 15/16-year old self. I could probably go through my old journals and go from there, but for now, I’ll just go off the top of my head.

Oh boy. Here we go.

Dear Me,

Here you are, 15 or maybe 16 years old. But it’s sophomore year, the year where things change for you and will forever shape you. You have thin brows because you over plucked; you want to fit in and in a lot of ways you do, but inside you feel so insecure. But that’s okay. I think all kids that age do. You’re not alone. There’s a couple of things I want to tell you, from my 26-year old perspective. That’s right, we’re 26 now. And we’re doing pretty good and feeling pretty happy, too. Things haven’t exactly turned out the way you might expect them to, but it’s even better than you could have expected. More on that later.Right now, I want to give you some advice and also pick at our brain a little. Excuse my grammar.

I’ll try to make this short, but we’ll see how it goes.

First of all, don’t be ashamed of how you do in school. Yeah, you passed all of your classes with average grades and learned things. Mostly A’s and B’s with one C thrown in. Thanks Mr. H and good ol’ geometry. But maybe try a little harder. You can push yourself and get great results. Don’t just get by because you’d rather let people think you don’t have to study to get good grades or because you’d rather hang out with your siblings and their friends. Trust me, you are going to need those studying skills in college! And don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re struggling with something.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Go ahead and try out for choir. Heck, you know they took just about anyone. And don’t be ashamed to hide your voice just because one guy laughed when he asked you to sing a song after you mentioned you were thinking choir. He didn’t mean to make you feel bad. He just has bad people skills. and yes, sports are fun! They’re not a burden. They’re not something to torture you with.

Be open with your friends, as hard as it is. Sometimes the people that are the meanest are the closest to you. You need to be open with them and let them know when they hurt you. Maybe they need someone to talk to, because things are hard for them and the only way they cope is to make others feel bad. There are other girls out there that will be your friend because they want to be your friend, not because you’re someone they can simply vent to and get upset with over any little thing to let their own frustrations out. But be there for them anyway. They need you.

You keep listening to music that makes you feel unhappy. You keep thinking it’s making you feel better by their words. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They feel your angst, the fact that your parents misunderstand you and smother you. But in reality, it’s those words that put those thoughts in your head. It’s not true, sweetie. You have so much to be thankful for. Don’t listen to tough and hard music. It might make you look tough on the outside, but on the inside, you know you’re hurting and want to ask for help but your pride isn’t letting you. Just let it go and tell someone you’re struggling. It’s okay to feel upset. It’s okay to ask for help. You’re not bothering anyone. In fact, the ones close to you want to help; stop pushing them away.

IMG_4224Oh yeah, the punk/rock days. You wore dark clothes and didn’t want your picture to be taken. And if you did have you picture taken, you never gave a real smile, if you smiled at all. You have a beautiful smile my dear. Show it.

Then here’s the big thing. Boys.

They’ll get ya in trouble, I tell ya. And by trouble, I mean mess with your head. Oh, how they do.

You started out with a sweet boyfriend the beginning of sophomore year. He was nice to you and everything, but let’s be real. His kisses were mediocre and after your first kiss, you knew it was all downhill. Then you find out later on he cheated on you, but you only find out after after you break up. You broke up with him because you knew it wasn’t going anywhere. The feelings were gone. Then suddenly, a senior who is the brother of one of your girlfriends starts paying attention you. You were both on ASB (Associated Student Body) and so you had to see each other about once a week. Your school is small and so all of the classes are close together. It’s not uncommon for seniors to be friends with sophomores or even freshmen, but anyway.

By the way, don’t bother with ASB. You only did it because you thought it might help you in college, but guess what? You’re going to save money through community college, honey. Oh yeah!

Moving on.

You liked the attention he gave you. It made you feel happy to know a senior might like you. You, the girl who never felt pretty even though there were boys who had crushes on you even though they never talked to you. Maybe it was your home school image that made you feel so insecure about boys. I know you’re uncomfortable with your social skills, but don’t worry; you mature and grow up just fine.

You’ve always been a reader. You loved fantasy; it took you places you could only dream about. Don’t be ashamed of the fact that you love to read. It helped shape you when you were growing up and being home-schooled. There is no normal. It’s okay!

The attention he’s giving you, while it lasted for months, isn’t go anywhere. He makes you promises but tells you to keep them all a secret, “until the time is right.” You never get involved with him physically, but emotionally you are so attached. He tells you not to tell anyone about your “secret relationship.” You’ll find out soon enough he’s been doing the same to two of your other girlfriends. When you find this out, you’re going to get angry. You’re going to be upset and do things to yourself you might regret. You’ll tell your family it’s just school that is bothering you because you never told any of them about him, except your sister who was working as an office assistant. They knew all the gossip among the students.

I wish you had listened to your warning signs but you know what? Out of all crap he’s going to put you through and all the sleepless nights he’ll cause (maybe this is where you anxiety was triggered. But don’t worry, you’ll eventually learn to control it. Mostly. anyway), you’re going to come out stronger and happier.

Once he figures out what he’s done to you, he’ll give you a crap excuse and you buy it. But you swear you’re never going to let another boy do to that to you again. and you won’t. Because not even a week after this goes down, you’re going to “meet” your future husband. You’ll meet and reminisce about things, ask about where he plans to go to college, and in the end, you’ll exchange numbers. Three weeks later, on May 27, he’s going to tap you on the shoulder before you go back inside your house to ask if you’ll be his girlfriend. Then about 8 years and 2 weeks later, he’s going to propose. You won’t see it coming, by the way. Then a year and one month later, he’ll become your husband.

That’s right, your husband. He’s the brother of your sisters friend. I won’t go into too much detail but I’ll just say for you, it’s all a fairytale. And right now, you are living very happily ever after. In fact, he’s cuddled up in bed next to you. He’s so cute.

I think what I want you to learn and take away are these few things:

Push yourself. You’ll be surprised at how smart and talented you really are when you just give your all.

Try new things! Don’t worry about what other people think!

Be yourself and stick up for yourself.

Listen to your heart.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’ll all work out!

Ask for help when you need it.

Finally, don’t give up. You might be hurt but something better is out there for you.

Well, we’re getting to end here but before I go, I want to say just a few more things.

Thanks for hanging out with everybody. You were never picky about who you ate lunch with; don’t stop that. You don’t belong to a cliche or an image.

Listen to happy music once and a while. That “punk” rock is fun to listen to, but only if you’re NOT upset. It makes you feel and see things that aren’t even there. Your parents love you and aren’t trying to hold you back. Same with your siblings. They’re all protective of you and maybe know a thing or two. Or three. Tell them all you love them, too. It’s so important for people to know that and feel it, too.

Spend some time with your grandma’s. They love you so much and want to be a part of your life.

Finally, stop plucking your eyebrows and ease up on the eyeliner.

Eh, you’ll figure it out eventually, thanks to YouTube.

Well, self, until next time.

xo, Briana

p.s. That same boy that broke your heart and strung it along to all those months? He’ll regret it; trust me. He’ll tell you later on when he realizes he’s forever lost you to your now husband.

DIY Bridal Emergency Kit

My sister-in-law is getting married this weekend, which explains my absence for the last few days. I’m a bridesmaid and my husband is also a groomsmen. All of the family has been busy prepping for it since the wedding is on the property once again.

Part of my bridesmaid duty includes creating an emergency kit for the bride for the day-of. If you haven’t heard of these nifty things already, it’s essentially a kit full of things that you might need, in the event of say a tear in a dress, an owie, hair issue, whatever! It’s pretty self-explanatory once you see the photos down below :-)

Bodily emergencies!Β  Sunscreen for an outdoor wedding, ibuprofen for whatever aches and pains, visine for dry.eyes. and Band-Aids of course!

Wipies for whatever reason! Tissue for tears and such. Cotton swabs for makeup, spots, etc.

Fabric tape for any sudden emergency involving clothes! I don’t think I ever told you but at my sister’s wedding, my mom’s entire zipper broke on her dress riiiight before we took pictures. Bub’s dear sister was there and literally had to sew my mom into her dress. And that’s why we have an emergency sewing kit as well.

Also, a lint roller, safety pins, stain remover, and yes, super glue.

Ladies, how many random tampons do you find in your purse? I also have at least one in every single bag or purse. Haha. I also chose purple because those are the colors for the wedding :-)

FOOD. and breath mints. My SIL (Hub’s twin) and cousin were very good at making I was fed and hydrated on my wedding day. This is very important ladies! And yes, fresh breath ;-) Also, please make sure you’re always drinking water!!

Finally, the beauty stuff. Ha. Nail file, bobby pins, hair spray, chapstick, and a lip gloss in a color that I think most of us will be wearing. And I also have clear nail polish for tears or spots on clothes but also for nails. Duh.

And that’s what I included in my kit! I found most of this stuff in the travel section of Target and of course the beauty aisles.

Finally, I put it all in big gift bag, most of it wrapped in brown tissue paper so it would be sliding around in the bag. I then wrote a cute note in a cute card.

This was actually a very fun project for me to put together. I got a lot of ideas from Pinterest and Google of course. You can totally customize it to your bride, too :-) One of my SIL’s gave me one for my own wedding and I remember feeling so special and I want to make sure Melanie feels the same.

xo, Briana

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My [simple] Hair Care Routine

Something I never really talk about much on here is my hair care routine, which is funny because I do consider this a [mostly] beauty blog. That being said, I should probably mention what I use on my hair. I also have a few girls on the GlamLifeGuru app asking what I do, so I thought I would bring it up on my blog!

Before I go into the details of my very few products, let me give you a little hair history…

Here is my current hair though! Haha. It’s considered a long length with balayage highlighting. Before this, I did an ombre at home, highlights myself and/or at the salon, had bangs (side-swept and straight-across), long hair, short hair, layers, less layers, etc. So I basically have tried everything.

I’m the type of girl that every 6 months or so, I get bored with my current hair and must try something “new”, something “different.” I used to love side-swept bangs until they got to that point where you couldn’t decide to trim them or let them grow. It requires a lot of patience. The length of your overall hair also requires patience. I want it long but ooh how I must wait months for it to grow when I coooould try some cute new hair style instead.

This last year, I have finally reached the point of length where I am satisfied and probably will not cut off any length for a long, long time. I love my long hair. And I want it longer. Like, down to my butt long.

Curent length, with slight wave in it.

Right now, it’s about my mid-back but if you’re looking at me from the front, it’s right about where it covers the ladies. Haha. As you can see, though, the ends of my hair are lighter since I had it colored with the balayage style, right before my wedding in July. I think this is the longest I’ve gone without coloring it. It’s also the easiest way to maintain my hair color! haha.

So, let’s get to what I use!

This line was released I believe last year? They have a variety for straight hair, curly hair, colored hair, voluminous, etc. I find that this works the best for me and doesn’t weight my hair down nor make it greasy after one day. Pantene and Herbal Essence do that to me. Now I know some people will look at this and say I need to use sulfite free. However, that stuff does not work for me. I’ve tried. I’ve even tried Wen. It doesn’t work. My thing is, “if the wheel ain’t broke, don’t fix it” So I stick to what I like.

I wash my hair about every 2-3 days. If I wash it every day, it gets greasy within a day. So I wash it less frequently, though I do take a shower every day. I just don’t wash my hair that often.

After I wash my hair,Β I like to use “It’s A 10″ which you can find at pretty much any drugstore, Target, or Wal-Mart. But lucky me… I found this ginormous bottle at Sam’s Club for $20! At Target, where I normally buy it, it’s about $13.99 for only 4 oz. This big bottle is 10 oz. and is going to last me for soo long.



It’s a leave-in conditioner and makes such a difference on my ends. I love it. It’s also a great detangler.

On the days I don’t wash my hair and if I think I need it, I’ll use Batiste dry shampoo on it. I haven’t tried many other dry shampoos but I do find that this one is okay and works for me.

When I do remember, I’ll use a hair mask on my hair. My favorite one is the one that accompanies my shampoo and conditioner. I have yet to try the oh-so-hyped up macadamia one. You know the one I’m talking about, don’t you? The one in the green and brown tub. The $30 tub of deep conditioner? Yeah, that one. I prefer the $6 tub from L’Oreal.

Finally, here are a few things I find that helps with my hair care…

I let it air dry on most days. I do not blow dry it every time I wash my hair. I blow dry it maybe one a week and when I do use a blow dryer, I let my hair air dry while I do my makeup and go about my day; I will then blow dry if I feel like styling it.

Which I will then use a 1-inch curling wand or a straightener. I also go through that process quickly so as to use the least amount of heat on my hair. I curl my hair in large sections. And before I apply any heat, I use Tresemme Heat Protection.

I also find that putting my hair in a braid instead of a bun or ponytail is better for my ends, because I do in fact have split ends. A bun is actually the worst on my hair, especially since the ends of my hair have been lightened with bleach. My favorite braid to wear is the Katniss braid, which is also a regular Dutch braid.

Anyhow, that’s about it! It’s very simple and an affordable way to keep my hair healthy. And I also don’t like to mention how in-frequently I get my hair cut, which is about every 3-4 months. Haha. I am verrrry protective of my hair. And when I do get it cut, I only get maybe 2 inches cut off. Maybe. Haha.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I know it was a bit more talky then a few of my other posts, but it is very simple what I do.

xo, Briana

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February Favorites

I know on my blog, I don’t consistently post my monthly favorites.

Let me rephrase that. I don’t ever post my monthly favorites. Ha. I have on occasion but I usually focus on just one product and maybe the end of the year I’ll post my favorites. I’ll sometimes do a seasonal favorites. Anywho, this month I would like to show you what I’ve been loving! So! Let’s get to it!

Tea! I’ve always loved drinking tea and especially in the cooler months. But I have been especially loving this green tea by Yogi Tea. I’ve always loved their line of teas because they’re full of flavor and never weak. They have a variety of teas for anything, from bedtime (also a favorite) to digestion to whatever. Ha. The thing I love about their tea as well is the fact that you don’t need to add any sweetener. I used to always had agave or sugar to my tea but you don’t need to with these.

The brand new L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation. I’m in shade 104 Golden Beige and it’s a pretty darn good match for my winter color, haha. I haven’t mentioned this yet but I am falling in love with it. At first I didn’t think it was anything spectacular but the more I use it the more I love it. It sets quickly and is very light weight. It’s a medium coverage but I don’t feel the need for concealer with it. It isn’t completely matte either, which I also like. It’s a more natural finish. It lasts for quite a while, too. Not all day, but it’s still pretty good.

Clinique Bottom Last mascara! How cute is this packaging? It’s so pretty and feminine.

You can’t tell but the bottle itself is pretty small, probably as big as my index or middle finger. So the wand is very tiny, like a finger nail. But it makes for applying to your lower lashes great. And the best part? It doesn’t smudge or flake on me! and for someone who struggles with even waterproof mascara on the lower lashes, I freaking love it.

I never really talk about specific makeup brushes, but these two right here are essential for my eye makeup. I do believe these are part of a limited edition set (Nic’s Pick by Real Techniques) but I think it’s still available. You also get 3 other brushes in the set but these two have become a part of my daily makeup routine.

The one on the left is the angled shadow brush and I use it first to apply my transition shade, usually a soft tan or brown color. The brush on the right is the base shadow brush, which is also available in the regular eye set. This specific one though I used for highlight or blending. I love them.

My favorite face brushes!

On the far left is my Real Techniques buffing brush, which I have been going back to for foundation application. I still use my beauty blender but I find this brush works better for certain foundations and is also faster then the BB.

The middle left is an ELF mineral powder brush, which I found at Target and have been using specifically for contour. It fits perfectly in my contour area and blends the powder so well.

The middle right brush is a MAC 168 large angled contour brush, which I use for blush. I am able to sweep my blush on and it not go on patchy, which is something I’ve been dealing with with a few of my other blush brushes. This one, though, works like a dream. It’s my first MAC brush and is definitely a splurge, but I do love it.

The far right is a Real Techniques setting brush which I use for highlight after bronzer/contour/blush. It’s just the right size highlight. and yes, all of these brushes are soo soft, its like massaging your face when you use them.

I already talked about this the other day, but I wanted to mention it again because I have been using it almost daily now. Haha. I don’t do a deep contour, but I have been loving the look it gives to my more oval face.

A blush I have been liking to pair when I do a contour is MAC’s Pinch Me, which is a sheertone blush and is described as a dirty rose coral, which I have to agree. On my medium olive tone skin, it creates a pretty flush of color that looks pretty natural.

I was wearing it my KVD post, if you’re wondering.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna palette. I think I purchased this over the holidays when I had a 20% off coupon for Sephora and decided to buy it when I saw Casey Holmes on YouTube use it a lot. She and I both have a love for orange shades and this has one that is gorgeous.

Pretty colors with a fun teal that I have yet to use. Haha.

Honestly, the colors I reach for the most are Bengal (transition shade that adds such warmth to any look), Gilded all over my lid, and Chocolate & Sangria to deepen up my look. Those 4 together are soo pretty. I also use Fresh as a highlight.

FullSizeRender_2Sangria, Bengal, Gilded, and Chocolate

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post!

What have you been loving this last month?

xo, Briana

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Review | Kat Von D Shades + Light Contour Palette

Here’s a fun tidbit for ya… Kat Von D grew up in my area and even went to youth group at church with my older siblings… Not that she still goes there or anything, but hey! Random connection there. She even did a bit of artwork on a door that was being taken down but kept for sentimental reasons.

This lovely piece of makeup from the Kat Von D line (exclusive to Sephora) is my first purchase from the line and it’s not something I would have been into even 6 months ago. Let’s just say I can add this to my “YouTube Made Me Do It” list…

Sorry for the low-quality photo… It’s raining today and my hand was a tad shaky cause I am hungry! Haha. The font is the typical goth style of the brand. I know some people are turned off by it, but I think it screams Kat Von D and her love tattoos, something I actually appreciate. I have an aunt with awesome goth-style tattoos. They’re kick-ass.

Inside the palette you’ll find a wonderfully large mirror, 3 highlight shades,and 3 contour/bronzer shades. You could say they go from light-medium-dark.

The highlight shades appear matte but I swear I see a tiiiiny bit of shimmer while the contour/bronze shades are truly matte. Either way, they’re a great formula! Smooth, buttery, and they blend like a dream.

She was also awesome to give the names on the back. Thank you!

IMG_3792L-R : Lucid, Lyric, Levitation

Lucid is a champagne type of highlight with a pink undertone, something I might use on my cheekbone. Lyric is definitely an undertone and something I might use under my eyes to set concealer. Levitation is an orangy-pink. It’s not exactly something I would reach for all the time though.

While I prefer a shimmery highlight, I can see myself using these on my eyes for various looks.

IMG_3793L-R : Sombre, Shadowplay, Subconscious

Now to me, these are by far the stars of the palette.

Sombre is a grey-undertone that is perfect for contouring. Chisel those cheeks girl! and to be honest, it was the main reason I got the dang thing. and I have been loving it. I apply it when an ELF mineral powder brush that fits perfectly along my cheek to give the illusion of a shadow.

Shadowplay is another shade I could use for a contour if I wanted but I would use it as a bronzer before. It’s not too dark for me, which is nice. Also, none of these shades come off as too orange or too red, at least on my skin tone.

Subconscious… scares me. Haha. As you can see, it’s pretty dark on my medium skin. But if I were serious about contour or bronzing, I would reach for it. But as I see myself as only a novice at contouring, I’ll stick with Sombre and Shadowplay.

So do you want to see my wonderful attempts at contouring and selfies?

Sure you do!

Here’s one side of my face without any bronzer, contour, blush, or highlight. I’m wearing my Nars foundation and Mac powder on top. So ghostly and pale. Thanks rain for washing me out.

After I applied my PF bronzer, Sombre in my hollows, MAC’s Pinch Me blush, and an Hour Glass highlighter. Again, the clouds and lack of light washed me out a bit but you can see the difference between the two photos, right?

Here’s a much better photo after I did the rest of my makeup and had better lighting. I also have Maybelline’s Touch of Spice (matte) on my lips.

Oh, selfies...

Oh, selfies…

I actually really liked the way it came out so I got slightly into the shameless selfie photoshoot… ;-)



While I wouldn’t make this an every day thing as far as makeup is concerned, I do really like the palette and am excited to play with it and see what I can come up with! My only main complaint is the size of the palette. It’s a good size and will be interesting to travel with.

Other than that, I do love it!

What are your thoughts on contouring?

xo, Briana

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A Nonsensical Sunday List

My favorite book, Pride & Prejudice, uses that word “nonsensical” throughout. I loved it the first time I read it and I use it in every day life.

So I am going to start off this post as nonsensical. Because that’s what it is. It’s a post without meaning, rather than it not making sense. Make sense? Okay, cool.

1) I’ve been a bit absent from the blog for a few reasons, one being that I was at Mammoth Mountain with family from Friday-Monday this last weekend. It was a nice, relaxing trip filled with hikes and time spent with siblings and nieces and nephews.


This is the hubs and I (duh) on Valentine’s Day. We’re pretty good at forgetting to take pictures on special occasions. However, we were determined to take a photo and this was probably our 10th selfie before we decided we were happy with it (filter added).

2) It’s supposed to rain today and tomorrow in our area. This makes me happy. I think I’ll drink tea and do yoga. Mmm…

C) I had an interview at a hospital for a new grad program a few weeks ago and while I was perhaps too hopeful, I got the rejection phone call this last Friday. Really, I felt good about the interview itself but below that, I felt like I wasn’t going to get the job for a few reasons. For one, I lack a Bachelors degree, which a lot of hospitals are requiring now and two, the people I interviewed with didn’t feel receptive to me, although I felt like I did a great part on my end.

It’s been discouraging, not having a job for months after graduation, passing my boards, and two very hard years of dedication to school. I know the right job is out there. I just have to keep looking.


I just really want/need a job, man.

4) I started reading It Starts With Food, Discover the Whole30 And Change Your Life In Unexpected Ways. It’s a book pointing out the facts and science behind the paleo diet. I began reading it when one of my own favorite bloggers, The Freckled Fox, mentioned it on her blog. She’s a mommy of 4 (soon to be 5!) and one of my own fitspirations.

The book itself is a good and easy read, with explanations on diet, hormones, stress, exercise, etc. Basically the things that make us physically and mentally feel the way we do. While I agree with most of, I personally will not be doing the paleo diet any time soon. I love burritos too much! And lentil soup! I need grains… I don’t care what they say. haha.

E) I reorganized my makeup stash here at our little place. My previous way was fine, but I felt like I needed to put it all mostly into a single space that was neater.

This is what I had to work with. I purchased a bigger Sterilite container so most of my makeup is all in one place, with my tools in another. It was all kind of random. If you want a separate post on this, let me know! I love organizing things.

6) Finally, here’s a quote I found on Pinterest a few weeks ago.

Thanks for reading.

xo, Briana

When Scrubs Meet Fashion Feat. Jaanuu

Remember that post I did a few months back about Jaanuu scrubs? I loved them for quite a few reasons…

1) They’re so comfortable! I can actually move in them and not be afraid of any rips or tears if I need to squat or bend over. Because these are legitimate concerns for scrubs! Haha.

2) They’re cute and feminine, as they are made specifically for women. I have the peplum top and flared pants. Very adorable and yet professional.

3) They’re functional with pockets and they also feature an antimicrobial finish to prevent the spread of bacteria, germs, etc.

Jaanuu was kind enough to send me another pair of scrub bottoms, which they recently released a few weeks ago! These are beyond cute…

Snakeskin pattern anyone? ;-)

Not going to lie, the first time I saw these I was a little skeptical at the thought of a snakeskin patter but once I saw them on models and then of course in person, they’re actually very cute! I actually told my mom it had a touch of military fatigue to it, which I’m totally for!


If you notice, these pants are the skinny style that Jaanuu offers, beside the flare set. They’re not the kind of skinny that clings to your ankles, so you could totally wear clogs or athletic shoes with them. However, I believe this pattern itself only comes in skinny. But they do offer this pattern in the peplum top and even a medical clutch.


The scrubs are also super cute if cuffed at the leg! Of course I would only recommend this if you’re comfortable with your ankles being slightly exposed at work ;-) But if you work in an office or something where you’re safe from fluids *ahem* you should be okay.

The fabric is just as soft as the rest of their scrubs; these are scrubs I actually enjoy wearing!

If you haven’t already and are in the need for new scrubs, check them out!

Thanks for reading you guys! And thank you to my sister-in-law for taking the pictures ;-)

xo, Briana

FTC : The skinny scrub pants in snakeskin were provided for by Jaanuu.

New! Wet n Wild Fergie 8 Pan Eyeshadow Palette!

If you lives in the states or have been able to find Wet n Wild products, then you might know that their little 3 pan to 8 pan palettes are gems in the drugstore. For $3-$5 you can get great quality eye shadows! A few years ago, Fergie from the Black Eye Peas teamed up with WnW to create her own collection. I tried a few of the things from her collection and was pleased with them, but was never a die-hard fan.

I had heard and seen recently that they were changing a few things with the brand itself. Well the other day I was meandering through Walgreens, where you can typically find the newest WnW stuff, and saw something that caught my eye.

An 8 pan palette from the Fergie collection that screamed my name…

As you can see, it’s all neutrals. Do I have enough neutrals? You bet I do. But do I want to find something that is drugstore priced and great quality that also offers variety? Yep!

This specific palette is part of the Fergie Centerstage Collection with WnW, specifically the Photo Focus Studio Eyeshadow palette in A226 Milano. They also had another palette with more purple shades. It also retails for only $8. Not bad! It also came with a dual-ended brush, but lacks a mirror.


Sorry the photos a bit on the yellow/green side. I used my iPhone as I didn’t want to fuss with my camera.

The shadows do not have any names, also. But they do have a variety of matte, satin, and very shimmery shades. You could do a basic eye to a full blown smokey eye.

But how’s the quality you ask?

Here’s the first row and I so with my phone took a better picture or that my camera behaved, because they quality is amazing! The first swatch I did was soo buttery and smooth. I’m pretty sure I said, “oh my gosh!” aloud. The shimmery shades are also very smooth.

and ugh, these taupey brown shades? To die for.

This is more or less a first impression because I have yet to actually apply these to my lids! I meant to use them yesterday but was unable to. Same goes with today. Perhaps tomorrow and I’ll be sure to update you all! But I simply wanted to get this post up because I hadn’t heard or seen anything of these larger palettes.

If these are as good as the regular palettes though, I can only imagine how great they are!

I hope you enjoyed!

xo, Briana

FTC: This is not a sponsored post.

A Few From My Phone

Pictures, that is.

Just a quick “hello” from a few pictures off my phone to let you know what I’ve been up to.

You may not have known, but when I posted last on my blog, I was actually in the midst of traveling home from a very quick business trip to Florida! I’m currently working for my parents, who run a small business out of their house and a few things occured which ended up in my mom and I traveling to Florida for one night with my dad! It was a good and positive trip, which also allowed me to spend some time with my parents. Hubs found it interesting to actually be home without me, where it’s usually the opposite since he’s one that could be called away at any time.

We had to fly out of LA very early Saturday morning and we had some time to eat a quick breakfast before boarding. I ordered a breakfast sandwich and with it, a leaf of lettuce accompanied it. I thought it was amusing that the lettuce was as long as my sandwich itself. But I did eat it! I put a dash of salt and pepper on it for some flavor.

If you follow my Instagram account, then you’ll know that I recently bought some new Von Zipper sunglasses (the Begonia’s). I love how big they are and the vintage appeal to them. I can see myself wearing these with a flowy maxi dress or at the beach with a book in hand.

This was today. We were watching our brother-in-law launch a rocket he had gotten for Christmas. It was pretty epic, not gonna lie.

Of course my week has consisted of a bit more than these few things, but there’s not much else to say! My husband’s middle sister is visiting from ND this week so she could plan her upcoming March wedding with her family, as the wedding will be here in CA at her parents house. It will be smaller than our summer wedding, but as all weddings go, it’s always lots of planning! It’s been very exciting and this time around I get to be a bridesmaid. I’m very excited and of course happy for my sister-in-law and soon to be brother-in-law!

I hope you have all been doing well and your upcoming week is productive!

xo, Briana

p.s. Thank you to all of my lovely new subscribers and viewers! It’s been a busy week on my blog and various social media, it’s much appreciated! :-)